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"Play Crack The Sky"

We sent out the SOS call.
It was a quarter past four in the morning when the storm broke our second anchor line.
Four months at sea, four months of calm seas to be pounded in the shallows off the tip of Montauk Point.
They call them rogues, they travel fast and alone.
One-hundred-foot faces of God’s good ocean gone wrong.
What they call love is a risk, cause you will always get hit out of nowhere by some wave and end up on your own.
The hole in the hull defied the crews attempts to bail us out.
And flooded the engines and radio and half buried bow.
Your tongue is a rudder.
It steers the whole ship.
Sends your words past your lips or keeps them safe behind your teeth.
But the wrong words will strand you.
Come off course while you sleep.
Sweep your boat out to sea or dashed to bits on the reef.
The vessel groans the ocean pressures its frame.
To the port I see the lighthouse through the sleet and rain.
And I wish for one more day to give my love and repay debts.
But the morning finds our bodies washed up thirty miles west.
They say that the captain stays fast with the ship through still and storm.
But this ain’t the Dakota, and the water is cold.
We won’t have to fight for long.
This is the end.
This story’s old but it goes on and on until we disappear.
Calm me and let me taste the salt you breathed while you were underneath.
I am the one who haunts your dreams of mountains sunk below the sea.
I spoke the words but never gave a thought to what they all could mean.
I know that this is what you want.
A funeral keeps both of us apart.
You know that you are not alone.
Need you like water in my lungs.
This is the end.

I absolutely adore this song.

I’ll almost always cry at “I wish for one more day, to give my love and repay debt… But morning finds our bodies washed up, 30 miles west”

Life in Coachella (It’s an actual city, not just a music festival)

How I ended up here:

picture me, post-college graduation, desperately applying to any and all Americorps programs in the wonderful state of California. One program calls… a program located in the Coachella valley, an 80-mile drive east from my home.

Interviews: first an individual, then a second, group interview. Nail both of them.

Program: individually tutoring 30 struggling elementary kids, from kinder - 3rd grade, in letter sounds, phonemic awareness and basic phonics. Teaching science in the after school program. Full-time work, 8 am to 5 pm everyday, for 9 months.

Stipend for the whole program: $12,500 pre-taxes.

The biggest benefits: wonderful experience in a classroom, helping me decide if I want to pursue a career in education. $5,500 education award at the end of service, useable for student loan payments or future tuition.

First three months: fun, but driving almost 3 hours a day is miserable. Spending half of my wages on gas (and I drive a really gas efficient vehicle…) and getting extremely tired on my way home are NOT the business.

Fast forward to January 9, a coworker and I discuss moving into an apartment together. Go apartment hunting together. Each construct a budget to see if it’s feasible… For me, it is, for her, it isn’t. Then it dawns on her, there’s an empty room in her parents’ house, where she lives. Bada-bing-bada-boom, I begin renting a bedroom in a gorgeous desert oasis.

Now I live in Coachella, a city no one knows exists.

Today’s Goodwill finds… A gorgeous Givenchy of Paris watch ($7.50, was half off from $15) and a two-finger infinity ring for $5.99.

(note: did some internet research and couldn’t find the same givenchy watch anywhere, but new watches by the brand range from $700-$900!)

scored this gorgeous Calvin Klein square neck satin sheath dress in the very same purple at a local goodwill today.
while i currently have no reason to wear a dress so pretty, i couldn’t pass it up, knowing in the future the occasion might arise, and realizing that it was a Calvin Klein that originally retailed for $140.
found this cardigan by Theory at a goodwill recently. the one i found is the same style, but in a softer, light blue color. best part? sweaters were the item of the week, so this $245+tax cardigan only cost me $4.99 :)

today, in food…

i did a lot of driving today (about 4 hours!) & my dietary habits for the day reflect that well. also, i saw a large amount of friends today so that was awesome :)

venti caramel macchiato  - san bernardino
ben & jerry’s ice cream banana split with ryan - culver city
bagel sandwich with rachael - playa del rey
gummy fruit snacks with amber & nowrin - downey
rum & coke with amber, nowrin, zuz, alex, ryan peyzl- anarchy library, downey
grilled cheese from in-n-out with amber, zuz, alex, ryan peyzl - lakewood

that’s my color! redying my hair tonight… reds fade so quickly. 

doin’ it.

(click this link!) livingsocial deal: $5 for $10 starbucks giftcard. fall flavors are back (PUMPKIN SPICE!)

yesterday at goodwill keepers in orange county, i found this same conair you curl clampless curling iron, brand new in original packaging. after looking at the 47 5-star reviews on the target website, i decided the wand was worth the $15 goodwill was asking for it.
so yes, it is possible to stay on-trend and buy nice things at goodwill, without going broke :)